Connect –our members with the information, contacts and programs they need to be more effective

ACTA’s efforts and activities are ongoing. A quick update on some highlights under our pillar, "Connect, our members with the information, contacts and programs they need to be more effective". ACTA has been connecting their members on a number of topics. Some of our recent contributions include:

  • As an ACTA member you can look forward to receiving your membership welcome package that includes valuable corporate partner information that will help support your bottom line, ACTA membership cards giving you access to our new loyalty program offering ACTA exclusive offers, and details on ACTA resources that are available to you and your employees.

  • ACTA Membership Card program offers savings to ACTA members on air, cruise, car rentals, accommodations and entertainment through the ACTA membership Card program. Receive an ACTA Membership Card when employed in an ACTA member agency and validated as an employee by your employer. ACTA membership cards give you access to our new loyalty program offering ACTA exclusive offers to card carrying ACTA members.

  • ACTA connects our members by hosting premium networking events throughout Canada. These events welcome the decision makers and influencers throughout our industry in different event formats that include GolfTravel Agent DayACTA Awardsdowntown culinary toursRiver CruiseSpa and Travel MarketPlace conference

  • ACTA is actively participating in the IATA FRAUD PREVENTION COMMITTEE attending meetings throughout the year. In addition, ACTA works closely with the ASSOCIATION OF TOUR OPERATORS OF QUEBEC and the CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF TOUR OPERATORS in fraud prevention discussions and initiatives. ACTA participates in the National Fraud Prevention Month in co-operation with our industry partners, local law enforcement, and merchant providers. National Fraud Prevention Month is intended to educate our members on fraud-related issues and provide guidance on how to "Recognize it. Report it. Stop it." As part of National Fraud Prevention Month, ACTA shared tips, promoted webinars and offered seminars on how to protect yourself from fraudsters.

  • ACTA connects students and educators of Travel and Tourism programs with ACTA Members and Corporate Partners through classroom presentations and industry conferences while offering future graduates and professors access to ACTA campus education.

  • ACTA held their annual general meeting on June 14, 2017 at the International Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre Toronto Airport.One of the purposes of the meeting, was to confirm a new general by-law of the Corporation which re-introduces a new membership category, Auxillary Member, with changes being made to section 1.1 and 3.2 of the ACTA national bylaws. The membership voted and accepted the addition of this new membership category which will allow for the possibility to introduce an individual or student membership, The Board of Directors is currently undertaking a review of the classes of Members in the Corporation. Also reviewed was the annual report which brought ACTA members up to date on our status within our 4 pillars of "advocate", 'educate and elevate", "promote" and "connect". MORE

  • ACTA and IATA faciliate informative webinars including Q & A to clear any confusion with new IATA initiatives like PCI compliance, ADM or NDC. 

  • ACTA is a key stakeholder on the APJC which is a local country meeting between airlines and agencies to discuss and understanding each others landscape. New Financial Criteria BSP, ADM, PCI, NDC are some of the topics added to agenda. 

ACTA will update you on these initiatives under our other pillars in upcoming newsletters. Past newsletters have covered "Advocate", "Educate and Elevate" and "Promote". Thank you members for supporting your trade association with renewed membership, and allowing us to “keep up the good fight”.