Connect –our members with the information, contacts and programs they need to be more effective

ACTA’s efforts and activities are ongoing. A quick update on some highlights under our pillar, "Connect, our members with the information, contacts and programs they need to be more effective". ACTA has been connecting their members on a number of topics. Some of our recent contributions include:

  • Member kits have been mailed out following your member renewal. Members can look forward to receiving their membership renewal package that includes valuable corporate partner information that will help support your bottom line, ACTA membership cards giving you access to our new loyalty program offering ACTA exclusive offers, and details on ACTA resources that are available to you and your employees.

  • ACTA Membership Card program offers great benefits to ACTA members. Receive a free Membership Card when employed in an ACTA member agency and validated as an employee by the agency owner. ACTA membership cards give you access to our new loyalty program offering ACTA exclusive offers to card carrying ACTA members.

  • ACTA participatedin the National Fraud Prevention Month in co-operation with our industry partners, local law enforcement, and merchant providers. National Fraud Prevention Month is intended to educate our members on fraud-related issues and provide guidance on how to "Recognize it. Report it. Stop it." As part of National Fraud Prevention Month, ACTA shared tips, promoted webinars and offered seminars on how to protect yourself from fraudsters.

  • ACTA will be connecting our members by hosting events throughout Canada to which include a student and educators conference in ON, Golf in MB, QC and ON, Fun and Games in SK and AB with more to confirm in BC and Atlantic Canada. Upcoming events can be found here.

  • On February 29, 2016 ACTA advised members that the process had begun to get involved with the association and submit their Board application and nominations process withe 9 vacancies that must include at least one individual from each of the provinces in Canada and one Certified Travel Counsellor/Certified Travel Manager in good standing.

  • ACTA connected with Algonquin College in March.  Christine Chilton the  Director of Education for ACTA made a presentation to Travel and Tourism students that focused on careers in the travel industry, opportuinites and professionl certification.  Twenty students have now signed up for professional certification and will write their Certified Travel Counsellor exam on April 15.  Way to go Algonquin College!!

  • ACTA's Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday May 3, 2016 at the Travel MarketPlace conference. ACTA members participated as we reviewed our annual report and brought ACTA members up to date on our status within our 4 pillars of "advocate", 'educate and elevate", "promote" and "connect". MORE

  • ACTA sponsored the Travel MarketPlace conference for our third consecutive year.  The Travel MarketPlace conference connected our members to the heart of all matters related to industry trends, best practices, and smart marketing strategies and tips to boost your sales and brand. Unlike many conferences in Canada today, Travel MarketPlace brings together the best of the industry from around the country through a variety of experts, regulators, groups and consortia. As honored guests our members benefit from an ACTA member discount at registration. MORE

  • ACTA and Air Canada hosted an awards ceremony at Travel MarketPlace recognizing our members as being some of the best in the Canadian retail travel industry. During this ceremony we will be showcasing the accomplishments and dedication of ACTA members who have proven their excellence across a broad range of categories. Meet The Winners

  • ACTA and IATA faciliated an informative webinar for ACTA members on the topic of NDC. ACTA members had an opportunity to participate in a Q & A with IATA to ask questions with the objective of clearing the confusion on this IATA initiative. The webinar will be available on demand in the coming weeks through the ACTA Campus

  • ACTA will be appointing our members and acta as an observer on the APJC which is a local country meeting between airlines and agencies to discuss and understanding each others landscape. New Financial Criteria is on the agenda for this year. IATA recently provided all appointed agencies with information on the current financial criteria as mentioned in the release (French found here)

ACTA will update you on these initiatives under our other pillars in upcoming newsletters. Past newsletters have covered "Advocate", "Educate and Elevate" and "Promote". Thank you members for supporting your trade association with renewed membership, and allowing us to “keep up the good fight”.