Promote –the value of the retail travel industry to the travelling public and actively position the travel agent as the authority in travel.

ACTA’s efforts and activities are ongoing. A quick update on some issues under our pillar, "Promote", the value of retail travel to the consumer and actively position the travel agent as the authority in travel. ACTA contributes as an expert resource for national consumer facing media news outlets such as CTV, CBC, Global as well as local newspaper outlets like the Globe and Mail, National Post and The Toronto Star on topics that allow us to promote the value of a Travel Agent to consumers. Topics include understanding the importance of travel health insurance, Canadian travel trends, the pending Consumer Bill of Rights, the role that the value of the Canadian dollar plays on Canadian travel trends and inquiries on the health of certain destinations following world events like terrorism, hurricanes and flooding.

ACTA features the value of Travel Agents in consumer shows across the country (in cities including Halifax, Montreal, Kingston, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver) and through our websites and directories.

ACTA will update you on these initiatives under our other pillars in upcoming newsletters. Past newsletters have covered "Advocate" and "Educate and Elevate" . Thank you members for supporting your trade association with renewed membership, and allowing us to “keep up the good fight”.