Get Fraud Confirmation from the Bank

FACT (the Fraudulent Activity Communications Tool) that allows merchants to report suspicious transactions directly to the right bank to get fraud confirmation. This tool is free of charge.

The tool was originally designed for Europol to enable all communications between merchants, banks and law enforcement during the Global Airline Action Days. After a few of these successful actions, many asked the question: “Why not continue this way of cooperating on a daily basis?”.

Supported by the credit card schemes, we therefore decided to open up the FACT tool to use for business-as-usual. Merchants can add suspicious transactions, the tool automatically sends the case to the right bank based on the BIN range, who will confirm if it’s fraud or not.

How to use?

  • Create your account by sending an e-mail with your name and company to
  • You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail with your login credentials
  • Go to to start reporting fraud cases. 
  • When the bank confirms the case or sends you a message, you’ll receive an email notification.

User Information & Instructions

  • Find attached a brochure, a detailed presentation on the tool, and the user manual.
  • Please be aware that the success of this way of cooperation depends highly on
  1. The quality of fraud alerts. If merchants send too many cases that turn out to be not-fraud, banks will stop processing the requests. Be selective!
  2. The amount of banks joining. If every merchant asks the bank they are in contact most with to join, we’ll soon enough have global coverage. We encourage you to spread the word by sending through this email and/or attached information packages (there’s a specific brochure for banks).

FACT is open for merchants in all industries (e.g. travel, e-commerce, gambling) and will be launched per region. The official launch of April 1st is in the regions of Europe, Canada, and specific regions in Latin America. Following later this year are other regions in the Middle East, US and Africa.

For any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Note: The FACT tool is developed and managed by the community-based fraud prevention company Perseuss.

Brochure for Merchants

A quick explanation about how FACT works: Download

Brochure for banks

The brochure you can share with your bank: Download

Detailed information

Detailed information and the pilot results: Download

User manual

Everything you need to know about FACT: Download