Turkish Culture and Tourism Office has opened in Toronto to serve Canada

We are pleased to communicate that a Turkish Culture and Tourism Office has opened in Toronto serving Canada.

Turkey has been ranked as number 6 of the 10 most visited countries in the world as last reported by the World Tourism Organization and welcomes about 40 million visitors annually.

 With growing awareness of the North American market and its diversity, Turkey has added to its 44 global culture and tourism offices by opening a new one in Toronto, Canada. With the opening of the Office in Toronto, we aim to bring our country’s culture, arts and all tourism-related activities and opportunities closer to the Canadian tourism sector and Canadians.  We also hope to grow the number of Canadians travelling to visit Turkey every year which is presently approximately 200,000.

In addition to hosting the world's cleanest beaches and bays, Turkey also offers a variety of options and alternatives that other destinations do not offer. Among these options and alternatives are a visit into history (as Anatolia was the homeland of many ancient civilizations, e.g. the oldest temple of the world is in Gobeklitepe, Turkey), blue voyage (known as “gullet” cruising), winter tourism, gastronomy, spa-wellness, bird watching, faith-tourism (for various religions) and much more.

Turkey offers a flavor for every taste and an unforgettable experience to its visitors. 

We are happy to assist travel professionals with questions and will strive to provide Canadian travel agents and agencies with better resources and tools to learn about Turkey as well as sell it to your clients in the Canadian market. We will also be holding cultural events and activities to demonstrate the many wonders of Turkey waiting to be explored.

Please direct any questions to us at tourismturkeyincanada@gmail.com


The Turkish Culture & Tourism Office in Canada is holding Workshop Events in Toronto and Montreal.  Toronto is Feb 23, 2016 and Montreal is Feb 26, 2016. These workshops will enable you to meet suppliers from Turkey as well as to learn more about the destination to enable you to sell it.  There will also be presentations throughout the day and a welcome and introduction from Ambassador of Turkey to Canada Hon. Selcuk Unal.  Please see the invitation and registration form and submit by RSVP date February 16, 2016 to attend.  Space is limited.

To contact the Turkish Culture & Tourism Office in Canada you may send an email to tourismturkeyincanada@gmail.com