PCI DSS compliance deadline set for March 1; here’s what you need to do...

… breathe and don’t panic if you haven’t completed your SAQ today, March 1st!

For months, ACTA has reported on PCI DSS Compliance and the impending March 1st deadline imposed by IATA on IATA Appointed agencies (not TIDS). While the requirement is effective from March 1st, 2018, in a communication sent to IATA Appointed agencies through BSP Link, you are not required to submit any evidence of PCI DSS Compliance at this stage. You will be advised by IATA when this evidence is required including the applicable time and the means of its submission. In short, IATA is not ready to receive your SAQ right now, but when they do tell you, you will have another 30 days to upload your evidence of compliance (your completed SAQ) into the BSP portal, similar to what you do with your financial documents.

In the meantime, ACTA has offered members much information and tools in the Members Only section of the ACTA website to assist you in this complex subject.