Construction Complete on Canada's Busiest Runway

Construction work on Runway 05/23 at Toronto Pearson is complete as of the evening of May 16, and the runway has reopened for regular operations. To reduce the impact on our passengers and local residents, phase 3 of the construction, which was scheduled to take place in fall 2017, has been folded into phase 1 and 2. Planned construction on Runway 05/23 in the fall at Toronto Pearson has been completed and the fall closure period is no longer required.

The rehabilitation work on Runway 05/23 was the only planned runway construction project planned for 2017. However, Short-term closures of runways occur throughout the year for various reasons, including surface repairs, tire rubber removal, snow removal, treatment to prevent icing, bird strikes and nearby maintenance work (e.g. grass cutting).

With the re-opening of Runway 05/23, runway usage will return to mainly easterly or westerly configurations. Operations using the north/south runway will still be necessary at times due to weather conditions or during short-term runway closures as described above. Please note that Runways 15 Left (arrivals) and 33 Right (departures) are also part of our night-time Preferential Runway System.

The GTAA wants to approach communications to passengers and local communities differently and we're working to develop an enhanced construction communications protocol, working with the City of Toronto and other resources to benefit from their experiences.

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