Travel or Tourism Educational Facilities Benefits

Applicable Member College benefits include:

  • Input and a voice in advocacy and lobbying, both federally and provincially 
  • Complimentary online listing of your school accessible to consumers 
  • Regular electronic information newsletter ACTAVision
  • Access to training, webinars and conferences
  • Member-only area on the website which includes updates on Fraud and Insurance 
  • Research and information on laws, regulations, and business practices and consumer trends 
  • Promotion through periodic consumer awareness campaigns 
  • Networking opportunities at national and regional meetings and events
  • Support and assistance with industry questions and issues affecting your schools
  • ACTA logos and window decals indicating your commitment to professionalism and to ACTA's Code of Ethics and Standards
  • ACTA will extend your school with a 20% discount on all advertising opportunities

Business solutions
Reduce operating expenses:

ACTA Protect Insurance Programs
One stop covers you! Comprehensive personal and business coverage including Home & Auto, Property, Errors & Omissions, Group Employee Benefits and Individual Life Insurance. Tailored coverage for ACTA members! ACTA Protect is served by local designated Brokers. Visit ACTA Protect for local contact information and product details.

Credit Card Processing
STICO offers ACTA members a preferential rate for Visa and Mastercard processing. STICO offers approval within 3 business days and 7/10 hour deposits. An easy online application is available at or call +1 (855) 888 1234 x 555

ACTA members receive a 2.0 cpl. (cent per litre) discount off the retail pump price for gas or diesel purchased in Canada at any Esso branded service station. Also, fill up at Esso and earn valuable Aeroplan points. Simply swipe your Aeroplan card when prompted to do so. Fill out the ESSO Direct Driver Billing Program application and start saving!