ACTA's Membership Obligations

Please take a moment to review ACTA’s Membership Obligations, sign and submit as part of your ACTA renewal process for 2024. You will find the full listing of the ACTA Code of Ethics, ACTA Code of Best Practices, and ACTA Code of Conduct under Membership.

ACTA’s Membership Obligations

As an ACTA member, you agree to:

  1. comply with the federal and provincial laws and regulations that apply to your business and, in particular, to obtain and maintain such licenses or permissions as may be necessary for the operation of your business;
  2. adhere to the ACTA Code of Ethics;
  3. adhere to the ACTA Code of Best Practices (applies to Retail, Certified and Independent Travel Advisor Members);
  4. adhere to the ACTA Code of Conduct governing relationships between ACTA Members;
  5. promptly pay your ACTA membership dues;
  6. respond promptly to ACTA requests for such information as may reasonably be required by ACTA for membership purposes or to enable ACTA to respond or deal with any complaint or dispute relating to you;
  7. comply with any reasonable request or notice from ACTA under the By-Laws.