Independent Travel Advisor Membership Criteria

For 2024, if an Independent Travel Advisor meets ANY of the following criteria, they would qualify for an ACTA Membership:

  1. Recent graduate (2020 - 2023) from an ACTA endorsed Travel and Tourism College;
  2. Recent graduate (2020 - 2023) of ACTA’s Travel Agent Essentials online course or Certified Travel Counsellor Program (CTC); or
  3. Working with a travel agency or host agency and have completed their entry level training program which meets the minimum education standards for Travel Advisor training.

ACTA reserves the right to randomly audit applications, a letter from a host agency, or other documents as ACTA deems necessary at its sole discretion. Failure to provide proof of meeting the selected criteria, in ACTA's sole opinion, may result in membership cancellation without refund. This policy is required to prevent fraud and delivering best-in-class membership programs.

Fees and Forms

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