Jet Airways’ (9W-589) Suspension from IATA Financial Settlement Systems

Dear ACTA Members,

ACTA has received the following update from IATA:

Following the suspension of Jet Airways from the various IATA Settlement Systems (BSP, CASS, ICH) on 18 April 2019,  IATA has been actively managing the post-suspension process in order to limit negative consequences to affected participants of its settlement services.  Leveraging on its risk mitigation actions taken over the past few months prior to the suspension date,  IATA has been able to honor 100% of approved BSP cash refunds included in billing reports up to the suspension date of 18 April 2019.   Concurrently, all transactions by/against Jet Airways presented through the IATA Clearing House (ICH) up to and including their last active period of participation (i.e. first period of April) have also been settled in full.

IATA is now working with Jet Airways to manage the previously announced post–suspension refunds process covering refund claims put through by Travel Agents after the suspension of Jet Airways. The window for refund submissions closes on 20 May 2019.    IATA has communicated to the airline the necessity of completing its subsequent review of the submissions as early as possible. Under the current agreement with the airline, this review is to be provided to IATA no later than 8 July 2019.

Further updates will be provided when additional details become available.


Juan Antonio Rodriguez
Director FDS Operations, GDC 
PSG and PACONF Secretary