Shining a spotlight on Excessive Fees

The following story is timely based on a recent conversation we have had with an ACTA member in Atlantic Canada following a flight booking from Halifax - Delhi for a passenger. After recognizing a high tax line for that flight she compared it from Toronto and here is what she found: Toronto to Delhi $120.00, taxes from Halifax  $630.00.  This is a real pet peeve of many, but we need to continue and shine a spot light on the way travel suppliers are playing fast and loose with taxes…Here is a recent story out of the US

Josh Lew |
The U.S. Senate is continuing to debate the FAA reauthorization bill. Thus far, attempts to tackle what many fliers consider the worst aspect of the air travel industry - excessive fees - have not been successful.

Now, Massachusetts Democrat Ed Markey is proposing something called the FAIR Fees Act. FAIR is an acronym. The full name of the amendment is: Forbid Airlines from Imposing Ridiculous Fees Act.

Markey didn't mince words while explaining what he wanted to achieve with the amendment: “We need some reason, we need some protection. We need some way to say that there’s an airline passenger bill of rights; that they just can’t be tipped upside down and have money shaken out of their pockets.” FULL STORY