Call to Action: Send a letter to your MP, today!

ACTA’s release this week of results from its recent survey on travel agency and independent travel advisor debt includes an immediate call-to-action of its Members. It’s time to support the travel industry’s financial recovery from the pandemic by participating in a new letter writing campaign that calls for the Government of Canada to help travel agencies and independent travel advisors get back on track by:

  • Extending the deadline to repay CEBA (Canada Emergency Business Account) loans by two years from Dec 31, 2023 to Dec. 31, 2025.
  • Modify the terms of the RRRF (Regional Relief and Recovery Fund) and Highly Affected Sectors Credit Availability Program (HASCAP) to allow more time for repayment.
  • Work with industry to explore forgiveness measures that would help the loans be repaid sooner.

It’s quick and easy to send an impactful letter to your Member of Parliament. ACTA’s letter template is available here: Simply enter your name and location, and the letter auto-populates with the name and email of your MP. Once you’ve entered and confirmed your information is correct, select “send”. Your MP will receive the letter immediately, and a copy will be sent to Canada’s Minister of Finance, Minister of Tourism, Minister of Small Business, and Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth.

In addition, ACTA Members are encouraged to share their story and support these recommendations by sending a personal letter to their MP. This is a very powerful way to connect with decision makers. ACTA Members are encouraged to do so and share a copy with us at

The letter writing campaign runs through to September 29, and is just one of the tactics included in ACTA’s advocacy strategy. Submissions to government, media relations, and collaboration with stakeholders is also included. Send your letter today, follow-up with a personal letter to your MP, and watch for updates from ACTA.