Uniglobe Carefree Travel Group (Sutherland) | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Testimonial

Though it would technically be possible (thanks to a bit of travel experience as well as the array of intenet sites) for me to book my own trips, I rely upon my Travel Agent to arrange connecting flights and defer completely to her estimation of good accommodations and activities; I guess this is another way of saying I am buying peace of mind.  She has arranged multiple trips to Florida and Australia for me, even going as far as advising me on excellent seat locations on 747s (a ride on which was the entire reason for my first trip to Australia), and she helped piece together a spring 2015 trip to Frankfurt on a Lufthansa 747-8 (which departed from Chicago). She was able to wrangle a deal on my accommodations at the Sofitel in Brisbane and the Crown Promenade in Melbourne--1 night free during a 4 night stay--and suggested the excellent NH Hotel Morfelden in Germany.  I trust her entirely with all aspects of my itinerary and her customer service is impeccable--any suggestions or questions I pass by her are immediately replied to, which goes back to what I said before about peace of mind (speaking of which, she always provides comprehensive and affordably priced travel insurance, yet another bit of piece of mind, and she was able to answer a question about my coverage while I was in Australia last November; spectacularly reassuring!). I would not even think of booking my own simple trip to Vancouver in July to see Rush (and then the next week to Vegas to see Rush), so I didn't; I give the particulars to my Travel Agent and can rest assured that everything will go smoothly, all I have to do is be at the airport in time.  And the best thing about her is the way our travel relationship started;  I walked in off the street one day never having been on a jet and wanting to go to Florida--she was patient with my inexperience and put together a fantastic ten day flight / hotel/ car rental trip for an unbelieveably affordable price. I was a nobody but she treated me very well. I try to 'repay' that first impression with relying upon her exclusively for my expanding travel horizons.

Michael Zilkowsky | Saskatoon, SK