Uniglobe Carefree Travel | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Testimonial

There are many reasons I use a Travel Agent. The first reason being of course, they are able to find and provide the best value through their working relationships and suppliers. Who doesn’t want a deal? Another reason a Travel Agent is so valuable is that they, (well at least mine does) always go the extra mile for me and my family to meet our needs. No matter how many questions or concerns I have, they are always answered in the most polite and professional manner.  I am not having to scroll the internet for answers. My Travel Agent is a wealth of knowledge that only they can provide in a one stop shop. They are able to offer options that the lay person may not of been aware of. I could go on about how valuable a TA is but I only have one paragraph to do so. Lastly, I want to point out how much time a TA provides for us. In a world where we are always on the go, I just tell my Agent what I need and want and she takes care of the rest. We pick up our tickets and she has everything taken care of for us. During our trip, the safety we feel because our TA has taken care of all the details allows us to relax and enjoy our time together. Once we get home, our TA always checks in with us to see how everything went. She gains knowledge from us as well so she can continue her service onto others who may want the same vacation in the future. It is so convenient and worth it to work with a Travel Agent. I will never again book a holiday on my own. One never knows what they are getting themselves into when visiting a place they have never been.

Arla Walton | Saskatoon, SK