Travel Time Inc. | Calgary, Alberta Testimonial

My husband and I recently enjoyed 2 weeks in Italy with some friends from Calgary.
We live in Ontario. Our Travel Agent was highly recommended to us by our friends and we decided to use her expertise in European travel , to organize our tour.

Both couples have been to Italy previously, so we wanted some new experiences to be included in the itinerary. We gave our Travel Agent a list of our wants, and she came back with a 6 page itinerary for us to review. It was unbelievably detail oriented, and gave us so much of what we wanted. It had photos, reviews and history of each area. We reviewed all the flights, accommodations and places we were to visit and made just a few adjustments to the original. My husband has family in Bassano de Grappa and we wanted to get there for a few days to enjoy. She organized this as well as private drivers, private guides, with all car rental and train vouchers.

At the last minute our friend had an acute back problem and she immediately rearranged their flights to fly business class without a hitch.

Well, our trip was one to remember! We had a worry free trip! The hotels we stayed in were not 4 star, but seemed like they were 5 star. Wether in Venice, the Chianti region of Greve , or Sorrento, our accommodations were outstanding and the staff at each place was fantastic. What memories we have made.

Our links to car rentals and train rides and private drivers all went smoothly.
Our private guides in Venice, Sorrento and Pompei were so informative and gave us a great history of each place. Our tour and lunch at a cheese farm was exquisite. The gentleman was so passionate and proud of his business.

At the end of our trip, while we were sat in the gardens of our hotel in Sorrento enjoying a glass of wine, Jay decided to phone our Travel Agent. It was to express our gratitude for all of her due diligence, and tell her what a phenomenal trip she had outlined for us. He had it on speaker phone as we were all going to thank her. Unfortunately, we were shocked when she answered and said her father had passed away a few hours ago, but if we had any worries, she would give us a contact.
What can you say? She is dedicated to excellence.

We have since decided to go on a golf European vacation to Ireland, Wales and England this summer with our Calgary friends and she has just finished our final itinerary. Another trip to remember!
I have asked her if I can give her information to some of my co workers in Ontario, who are interested and she said of course. She is the best!

Carol Farronato | Hamilton, Ontario