TravelOnly | Edmonton, Alberta Testimonial

As a business based in Canada, representatives of our firm are frequently required to attend meetings in the United States. We use Travelonly to make air and hotel arrangements based on having the convenience of a professional managing these services for us. While online travel aggregators are able to supply a wide range of options, our Travel Agent has been instrumental in accommodating our needs, usually on very short notice. She is able to quickly provide possible itineraries that are budget conscious and take into account our unique personal preferences. While these are the hallmarks of many successful Agents, I would like to commend our Travel Agent for her invaluable assistance during a trip to Chicago this past February. Due to cancellations of nearly all flights due to “a storm of the century,” we were rerouted by the airlines to Salt Lake City with the expectation that we would then return to Edmonton by evening. We arrived in Salt Lake City to find that there were no more seats available on any airline to get us to Edmonton. The staff at United Airlines assured us that they checked all possible scenarios, but none would get us home that day. In checking at Kayak and Orbitz online, I found multi-stop routes that were extremely costly to book without sufficient advance notice. I contacted our Travel Agent and explained our predicament. She was able to locate a flight to Phoenix that would connect to a direct flight home. She suggested that we go to the United counter and have them book the flight so there would be no cost to us. I can frankly say that we would not have been able to return to Edmonton without considerable expense or delay if it were not for her expertise, guidance, and focused service.

Mun Prasad | Edmonton, AB