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Choosing a Career As a Travel Counsellor

Travel Counsellors are the front-line workers in the travel industry, providing guidance on how to get the best value on individual or group travel bookings. More specifically, they provide direction on destinations, transportation, accommodation and costs; make transportation and accommodation reservations using a computerized reservation and ticketing system; sell single fare tickets, packaged tours and insurance; promote particular destinations, tour packages and other travel services; and provide travel tips regarding tourist attractions, foreign currency, customs, language and travel safety.

There are two main categories of counsellors:

Corporate: specialize in the provision of services to business travellers

Leisure: specialize in services related to vacation and holiday travel

Other areas of specialty include group travel, incentive travel or adventure travel.

The majority of a counsellor's time (75%) is spent providing customer service and counselling to travellers and in selling travel to consumers. Processing reservations and ticketing accounts for another quarter of their time.

A college diploma or other training is often required to work in the industry, but the only definite prerequisite is a high school diploma.

Individuals interested in acquiring training to become a travel counsellor should look at the travel programs that are endorsed by ACTA.