Travel Professionals International | Edmonton, Alberta Testimonial

Most of my adult life I have booked my own trips via online Travel Agents. However, when we started wanting to travel more, I was working full time and had a farm to look after, a husband and 2 kids and no time to do the research. With a trip to Disney World on the horizon and a 15th Wedding Anniversary celebration coming up, we were lucky to have one of our friends just starting out as a home-based Travel Agent. For our 15th Anniversary trip, all I knew is that I wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby and do a road trip to Texas. She made the entire process painless, she gave me options that fit the price range I had and we put together an amazing trip. Since then, we have used her for everything we do and we do quite a bit of traveling (Mexican All-Inclusive, Seattle weekend trip, weekly flights for work and more). The thing about our Travel Agent is that she goes above and beyond at every step of the journey. She sends you information on the destinations beforehand, sends reminders of flight departure times the day before and keeps you informed of any changes to anything along the way. She ensures you can reach her while away in case anything arises (like your tickets don’t work at Universal Studios or your husband loses his passport). When you get home, she touches base to see how it was and if you have any feedback for her on either her service or anything she booked along the way. I love traveling, it feeds my wanderlust soul. What gives me confidence that things will go smoothly and everything will be just as we expected or better is using a Travel Agent to book it!
Paddy Storey | Edmonton, AB