Travel Professional International | Edmonton, Alberta Testimonial

I don't even know where to begin expressing my gratitude for everything you do for us. I think what I appreciate most is knowing that if anything ever went wrong on one of our trips you would do everything in your power to smooth out the bumps. Most of our trips you have booked have been to locations we have been before, but the information you provide about destinations is very helpful when it is a new destination.  When we went to Riu Jalisco last November I really appreciated the information you provided about the various restaurants and that we could walk down the beach to Bucerias.  

And of course, I can't forget to mention how nice it is that you upgrade our seats within minutes of the allowable 24 hour time frame, especially since it isn't always convenient to have Internet when on vacation. Makes it really nice to be able to enjoy the last days of a vacation without having to worry about upgrading seats. In addition, when we went to Las Vegas in Feb, I was able to give you a price range and you provided three different options, with lots of information on each choice.   The one we chose (The Cromwell) wasn't one we had ever heard of, but we trusted your suggestion and it was amazing. It was interesting, in January I was visiting a friend of mine, and she had recently booked a trip using a travel agent, she had no idea she could pre book her seats, her agent hadn't asked so she had no seats booked and her flight times were awful. She really wished she had followed my advice and booked with you after I told her how smoothly our bookings with you always go. She will definitely be calling you next time. 😄  One last thing, I like that you ask for info on tours, restaurants etc after we get home as I am sure you are gathering all the info for other clients going to the same destination and that will ensure they have a good trip too. I hope I haven't missed anything, suffice to say, I will continue to sing your praises and refer anyone I can to you. 

Carol Rasmussen | Edmonton, AB