TPI Total Paradise | Dauphin, Manitoba Tesimonial

My  Travel Agent is a sweetheart.  She goes to the mat for her customers when providing services.  When we first began travelling six years ago we had used another provider in Dauphin, Manitoba but we were not happy with their service so friends had given us our Travel Agent's name. I had thought to just go online, but was leery about booking vacations this route so I sent an email to Total Paradise as well as to a few other travel agencies. The one to reply to my email was our Agent so we gave her a try for our first hot vacation and have never looked back. Her bubbly personality , hard working attitude is another plus. She doesn't make you feel silly in asking questions and is so so helpful with suggestions or other alternatives for travel plans. She also is available at any time via email and will return your messages promptly even if it is after 5:00 pm which is nice and greatly appreciated. We have travelled with other people in our party who are not from our area, but other parts of Manitoba or out of province and whole heartily agree with me in regards to using Total Paradise. Our Travel Agent is what her business name represents, Total Paradise. My husband had to travel to New York, it was a very last minute trip, the decision to travel was made after receiving a phone call from New York regarding a family celebration. We were not planning to go to this family function as it was conflicting with work for both of us and expensive,  but upon receiving the phone call and finding out that health issues were not good, my husband and I decided that he should go.  This was around 8:00 pm when I contacted Liz Tomkins by email, explained the situation and what we needed.  She promptly replied by phone that evening and by the next day travel arrangements were in place.  This may not sound like a big deal for some, but for us that was awesome because of the short period that we had to plan this trip and the urgency of making these plans.  As long as our Travel Agent is running Total Paradise she will always have us as her customers – if she is able to she will always go that extra mile for the service that she provides.

 Natalie Talpash | Gilbert Plains, MB