New ACTA Membership Card Coming Soon!

ACTA will be making changes to its ID Card program taking effect January 1, 2016. This is to advise you, a valued ACTA Member, that as of December 31, 2015 ACTA will be discontinuing the ACTA ID Card in favor of an ACTA Membership Card. Commencing with our 2016 membership renewal drive, all qualified employees registered within an ACTA member agency will receive an ACTA Membership Card.
Mary Jane Hiebert, Chair of ACTA stated, “Our new Membership Card program will enhance the benefits offered to ACTA members. Our objective is to grow the ACTA Membership Card program to be the “card of choice” within the Canadian Travel Industry – requested by agents and accepted by suppliers. Members can expect to gain access to benefits that are only available to ACTA members.”
To obtain the new Membership Card and be eligible for the program, the owner/manager of the ACTA agency will be required to validate the employment of staff by completing the Employee Count form. The Employee Count form will be included in the ACTA Membership Renewal Package that is expected to arrive at your agency in November.
As an ACTA Membership Cardholder you can expect to:
• Be recognized as a member of ACTA working within the Travel Community
• Gain access to exclusive benefits only available to ACTA Membership Cardholders.
Look for the Membership Card flyer in your Renewal package. We are excited to bring our new program to you and look forward to offering benefits exclusively for ACTA members! 
If you have any questions please contact