Peter Keyter, Alberta/Northwest Territories

Peter Keyter is currently the member representing Alberta and the North West Territories on the ACTA Board of Directors. In 1996, Peter and his wife Lesley established The Travel Lady Agency, a leading agency with the Ensemble consortium. He has been an active member of the ACTA Alberta Regional Council for many years and has, since 2019, been chair of the Council. Peter is a lawyer and his legal experience has provided valuable insight with many ACTA initiatives including with the Alberta Insurance Council, the Canadian Transportation Act (CTA) Review with regard to restrictions on airline competition and passenger rights, and the new ACTA Codes of Ethics and Conduct. Most recently, he provided assistance during the current COVID-19 pandemic including the suggested waiver documentation on the ACTA website. He is now engaged in grass-roots advocacy relating to COVID-19 support programs for travel agencies. Peter is a recipient of ACTA’s Gerald Heifetz Trailblazer Award.