Peerless Travel Rutherford Village | Vaughan, Ontario Testimonial

Our Travel Agent of Peerless Travel is a ROLE MODLE for all Travel Agents! Her intelligent, charming, enthusiastic personality makes her our “go to person” when we want to travel. She is knowledgeable and shares her love of travel when discussing the various destinations we want to visit. She uses her skills and experience as a Travel Agent to meet our travel needs. She always researches the destination we hope to travel to and she  offers many suggestions and options about when and how to travel to this chosen destination. She takes the time to find us the best offer financially that is available- and consideration is always given  to any time restraints we may have. Her caring and guidance relieves us of the pressure about flight connections-luggage transfers, visas and insurance needs as she takes on the responsibility of looking after this for us following our discussions. We would never travel without using a Travel Agent. Our Travel Agent gives us the confidence to travel worry free just by  knowing she is available to us should we ever encounter a problem while travelling. For many years we have been very fortunate to have her as our Travel Agent. When we have the BEST IN THE TRAVEL BUSINESS why would we ever want to change!

Joey and Lorna Leibovici | North York, ON