ACTA welcomes new Allied Member VISITFLANDERS

For centuries, Flanders, the northern region of Belgium, has been the hub for international politics, trade and culture. And it remains so today. Retaining our central place throughout the centuries is thanks in no small part to our native entrepreneurship, adaptability and ambition -tempered by our objectivity and realism.

According to the KOF Globalization Index, Flanders is the most globalized economy in the world. Flanders is the 15ht largest exporter worldwide (WTO). Flanders generates a GDP of EUR 241 billion or EUR 36,000 per capita. Brussels is the capital of Flanders and Belgium and capital of the EU. It is home to the headquarters of NATO and the second largest diplomatic hub in the world. 166 different nationalities live in Flanders.

Flanders is the beating heart of Europe. Travel distances to our neighbouring countries are short. Train travel from London to Brussels is 1 hr 48 min, Paris is only 1 hr 22 minutes away and your journey from Amsterdam to Brussels is 1 hr 50 min.

With 1,000 miles (1,607 km) of railway and 570 miles (916 km) of highways, it is easy to travel within the destination.


VISITFLANDERS is the Tourist Office of Flanders, Belgium. Located in New York, we assist travel agents and tour operators marketing and selling travel to Flanders. Our MICE department will assist conference planners organizing conferences in Flanders.

And now is the perfect time to visit Flanders or to hold your next conference in the destination.  Flanders manages to surprise visitors with a huge range of opportunities for culture, gastronomy, nightlife, shopping, art, architecture and cycling. Flanders encompasses the Art Cities of Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp, Ghent, Leuven and Mechelen. Every city is distinctive in its own way and with the cities being close enough geographically (under an hour by train), it's really easy to explore. English is widely spoken, and people are friendly and helpful.

Resources and Links

Trade contact: trade4americas[at]visitflanders[dot]com
MICE contact: nymeet[at]visitflanders[dot]com

Office address:
Flanders House
620 8th Ave, Fl. 38
New York, NY 10018