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There’s a new team on the block, Tripfuser, and they are changing the way we plan, and book tailored travel.  We spoke to Tripfuser’s Founder & CEO, Matt Beard formerly COO of Intrepid Travel who has given all the inside information on who Tripfuser are and how you can benefit from using them. 

Tell us about Tripfuser?

Tripfuser is a marketplace for private tailored travel. We connect retail travel agents with in-destination local agents to design and book the perfect tailored trip for your clients. 

Why did you start Tripfuser?

What I noticed having worked in travel for over 10 years is that the existing tailored travel market worked well for backpackers with lots of time or the luxury traveller with lots of money. If you aren’t in these two markets, it was incredibly difficult to create an affordable tailored travel experience. Not only is it difficult for the traveller, it is also difficult for the retail agents trying to meet the needs of these travellers. 

What type of trips do Tripfuser offer?

From multi day tailored trips to events or special occasions and anything in between. 

Tripfuser is 100% custom, the opportunities are endless. 

Why should Retail Agents use Tripfuser?

We connect you with in-destination local agents giving you direct access to their local insight and access to unique local content and experiences, already available in 35 countries, throughout Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania. These local agents are specialists in tailored travel. It takes minutes to design a trip, is instantly bookable and is obligation free. 

Who are your local agents?

Our local agents are in-destination local operators, ground handlers and DMC’s who are specialists in tailored travel.  They are proven performers with great track records, they are responsive and they are keen to work with you to help you grow your business.

So, how do you design a trip with Tripfuser?

The Tripfuser platform is incredibly easy to use. 

Simply Search the Gallery for trip inspiration or Use the Design tool to build a trip from scratch. Connect directly with a local agent in destination and communicate using the chat function. The local agent will take your client’s requirements and design the perfect private tailored trip and provide a white label itinerary which you can share with your client. You can refine this via chat, as many times as required. When you are happy, you can book direct on the platform. 

Did we mention you have total pricing control to your clients? 

The service is free to use with no lock in contracts.  It’s that easy!

I hear you have an offer for Retail Agents who sign up to Tripfuser?

Yes, we want Retail Agents to sign up to the Tripfuser platform and submit an enquiry to see just how easy it is to use. For every agent that signs up now using the link below, they will go in the draw to win a $500 CAD gift card. 

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