Tourism Cares continued support through the Destination Disaster Recovery - Hurricane Dorian

ACTA has been a proud partner and supporter of Tourism Cares. Thank you for your support and action during this time. 

A message to our members from Tourism Cares:

We are writing to you today as we understand the industry's eagerness to support the communities affected by Hurricane Dorian.

We share in your membership’s concern over Hurricane Dorian, its prolonged existence and lengthy path, the devastation it has unleashed on the Bahamas, and its potential for further havoc. We have been monitoring the situation closely and urge interested individuals to contribute to our general and ongoing recovery fund focused on restoring and improving tourism resources and infrastructure to destinations in need. 

Tourism Cares unites our industry. The giving from many in your membership made a lasting impact to destinations devastated by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria and the work that we did in 2017 was significant. We anticipate your membership will want to assist destinations and colleagues in need once again.

If you would like to support and make a donation to the Tourism Cares Destination Disaster Recovery Fund, please click here. 

We thank you for your continued support. 


Greg Takehara
CEO, Tourism Cares

Jessica Flores
Program & Marketing Director, Tourism Cares