ACTA Is Helping To Make Social Media Work For You

Our recent Member survey identified that one of the priorities you want ACTA to focus on is Promoting the value of using a professional Travel Agent to consumers. As your travel business is based on trust in your expertise and the relationships that you build over time with your clientele, ACTA has been enhancing its ‘social media footprint’ on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Perhaps you have seen ACTA’s posts and are already following @actacanada. The overall goal of this initiative is designed to assist your efforts and remind customers and potential customers why it makes a difference to use a professional travel agent by building a strong social media community.

One of the most effective ways to position yourself in today’s competitive market is through social media. To help members build their social media following and get results, ACTA has engaged the help of Ryan McElroy from Travel Agency Tribes. Ryan is considered a social media guru in North America with valuable insights to share with our members on how to better engage with potential customers.

ACTA is introducing this social media initiative with a webinar on March 28th at 1pm EST on Making Social Media Work for You that features ACTA’s successes thus far and tips from Ryan McElroy on how you can extend your own efforts with social media as an ACTA member.  It’s sure to be 45 minutes that can help you build your business. Register now so you don’t miss out;

Your ACTA team is very excited about what our social media initiative can do to help your business. Watch out for more to come!

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