President's Podium: Closure in Manitoba

I was saddened to learn last week that after 15 years, Journeys Travel & Leisure SuperCentre is closing its doors in Winnipeg.

Store owner Ron Pradinuk who is a recent ACTA award winner(Gerald Heifetz Trailblazer Award) for having the greatest positive impact on the role, status and condition of the Canadian Travel Industry (Read Ron's winning nomination), said that due to an increasingly challenging online marketplace, they have been forced to file for bankruptcy and close the store. "I had a dream and it was a dream that was built by my wife and my daughter who worked in the store for so many years," said Pradinuk, adding the closure has been hard on everyone. 'It's a bit of a transition that none of us are feeling good with.'- Ron Pradinuk

The travel agency industry has taken a hit in recent years and in this case the internet has played a role in putting this agency out of business. Profits from sales in the store used to help keep the travel agency side afloat in tough times, but Pradinuk said as a smaller business, he is no longer able to maintain that balance.

Journeys's senior travel agent, along with all of the company's travel agency customers, have been transferred to River East Travel.

I want to thank Ron for being an innovator and leader to the travel industry. His contribution to ACTA has been outstanding for many years and we will always be very grateful for that.

David McCaig, President and COO | ACTA