It's time to renew your PCI Compliance certificate!

It's renewal time for your PCI Compliance Certificate! As an effort to help you make this process easier, ACTA has been continuing to work alongside Accel-PCI with this initiative. We are happy to announce that the following savings codes are now available!

For 2019, Accel PCI has simplified the process to become PCI Compliant. For those who are renewing with Accel PCI, you will receive reminders on the renewal at 90, 60, and 30 days prior to your original date when you became PCI Compliant in 2018. Watch for those dedicated emails as the Accel PCI team is eager and prepared to assist you. 

To current ACTA Members who have utilized Accel PCI last year, please use the 20% promotional renewal code in our Members Only Section to renew your certificate. If you are an ACTA Member who did not utilize Accel PCI last year, there will be a save and switch code available for you as well, please also visit our Members Only Section, for this code.

For non-members, we invite you to visit and enter the savings code: TRAVEL2019