Be a part of the Jamaica Scrims Project

Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) is reaching out to ACTA members as they launch their national agency window campaign. Instead of the traditional inner window props, ACTA members can now receive magnetic window scrims (a-la Sandals). These magnetic window scrims feature scenes of Jamaica and can be combined with a call to action for your Travel Agency. These scrims are completely transparent and do not obstruct vision from inside the agency to outside in any way. Below you can review the variety of scrim décor and fill out the form to participate or contact Dan Hamilton at JTB with any further questions,

If you are interested we urge you to act quickly as this offer is only available to the end of the month. To qualify:

  1. Your Travel Agency window must be in a high traffic area which attracts lots of eye-balls and passerby’s
  2. You would agree to keep the scrim up for one year - 12 consecutive months from installation

Interested?, please fill out:

Below are samples of the available scrim designs:

For any questions, please contact:
Dan Hamilton: