The Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA) is pleased to announce that joining your trade association just got easier. As of today, Independent Travel Agents Contractors wanting to join ACTA can now do so easily by enrolling online. With this new online enrollment process, eligible Travel Agents working for an ACTA member agency can join their trade association for a yearly fee of $195, while those working in a NON-ACTA member agency can become a member for $295.

Enroll today at or for more information about the membership visit or email


ACTA has enhanced the ACTA Membership Card Program with "MemberPerks"

ACTA membership card holders now have instant access to over 2,000 perks from brand name and local vendors. ACTA Members can now save $1,000’s every year on a wide variety of goods and services, including travel, entertainment, dining, electronics, fitness, insurance, apparel and more. The program also includes over 400 Health and Wellness offers that make pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle easier and more affordable, and stretches health spending account dollars further.

This program is available to all qualified employees working in an ACTA Member Agency, Certified Travel Counsellours (CTC), Certified Travel Managers (CTM), and Independent Contractors. 


The Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA) is an association of over 1200 members that employ more than 12,000 Travel Agents who make up 80% of the Travel Agency business transacted in Canada. ACTA is governed by a Board of Directors that is represented by each of the seven provinces. The Board of Directors has an Executive Committee. ACTA also has consultative bodies, known as Regional Councils that liaisons with the Board of Directors, providing grassroots feedback on the matters that directly impact the membership. Becoming a member of ACTA shows that you as a Travel Agent are helping to make a valuable contribution to the success and sustainability Travel Agent community.