IATA Agency Update on PCI Compliance

In March 2018, IATA implemented a mandatory requirement for IATA appointed agencies to complete the necessary steps to become PCI DSS Compliant and submit proof of compliance in the form of an Attestation of Compliance. For many ACTA members, submissions would have been sent in late March 2018.

Last week, ACTA was advised by several members that renewal notices were sent out by IATA that stated: “requested documentation of (Attestation of Compliance or Nil Credit Card Self-Declaration) should be sent to IATA through our Customer Service Portal web page… to arrive no later than 1/27/2019.”

ACTA has been in contact with the IATA Global Delivery Center and was advised that there was a bug in the system indicating the wrong expiry date of the PCI certificates. This bug has since been fixed and you do not have to send in the requested documentation until the anniversary date of when it was sent in 2018.

In the event that you worked with ACTA partner Accel PCI, or for those interested in switching to Accel PCI, updated information is available on the ACTA website http://www.acta.ca/PCI including the ACTA Rate Promo Code to receive savings on your PCI Compliance as an ACTA member.

For more information, please contact Julia Clarke, ACTA Member Services Coordinator at 905-282-9294 / 888-257-2282 ext.132 or email: jclarke@acta.ca.