ACTA and the Canadian Travel Fraud Prevention Group (CTFPG)

On November 22, 2016 ACTA attended the Canadian Travel Fraud Prevention Group (CTFPG) meeting in Montreal hosted at the IATA headquarters. ACTA is recognized as a partner of IATA on this fraud prevention group initiative. The purpose of the CTFPG is to bring Industry Partners together to implement common solutions and best practices to protect revenue.  The discussions were at a high level given that the members of the committee use a variety of tools and processes to fight fraud.

Over 33 people were present including representatives from ACTA, Westjet, Air Canada, Transat, Delta, Sunwing, the Canada Anti-Fraud Centre, CATO (Canadian Association Tour Operators), and ATOQ (Association Tour Operators Quebec)

Topics that were discussed included:

o   How to deal with Chargebacks

o   Fraud Chasers – A free travel industry fraud Tool

o   Sizing Fraud in the Travel Industry in Canada – VISA

o   Type of fraud: Real vs. "friendly"

o   Sharing confirmed fraud data 

o   Fraud Management tools 

o   Internal cost management of chargeback/fraud

A website was introduced to support the fight against fraud. The website is in its infancy but will be further developed and can be found here:  

As fraud is a global issue it is critical to share information worldwide. IATA has been particpating on Fraud Committees for Latin America / Europe  / Asia and North America. 

In the coming weeks, ACTA will compile for our members a more detailed report of the meeting that will include a helpful “step-by-step guide” to fraud prevention and chargebacks. The Committee will also work on setting standards for fraud prevention and in 2017, expand to Fraud Management becoming part of the day to day operation within IATA