New Greek Law Affects Non-EU Tour Operators & Travel Agents Working in Greece

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to inform you that of the Greek Parliament has passed a legislative provision to further strengthen the existing law requiring non-EU tour operators and travel agents to use a travel agency legally established in Greece to arrange tours, bookings etc. for their clients traveling in our country.

This means that it is expressly illegal for a non-EU tour operator or travel agent, who doesn’t own a travel agency in Greece, to provide any tourism services in Greece, unless the agent collaborates with a travel agency legally established in the country.

We, here at FedHATTA, can assure all our non-EU colleagues that we will be by their side to assist them in any way possible. We have always made international cooperation a priority and maintain important partnerships with our sister organizations in the US, India, Egypt and Israel, to name a few.

As we look forward to another spectacular season this year, we want to make sure that our colleagues do not encounter any problems in light of the new law. We have a close cooperation with the Greek Ministry of Tourism, and, naturally, with our extensive network of member travel agents across Greece. We remain at the disposal of our friends from abroad for advice, referrals and anything else they may need.

Having a working relationship with a local agent may be a requirement of the law, but it also gives you significant advantages. A local agent can help with sourcing and negotiation, can troubleshoot and provide an extra layer of insurance if any problem arises. Working together, we can provide a better experience for our clients, which is always the goal of the consummate travel professional.

Stronger together!

With best regards,

Lysandros Tsilides