More on the DISH 23.0 Project

As previously communicated, DISH 23.0 is being implemented in every IATA BSP during 2019 (between July and December, as per the IATA Implementation Plan for DISH 23.0).

The DISH 23.0 specification includes new data elements required to support 3D-Secure (the Internet security protocol which enables cardholder authentication), which can help to reduce card fraud related to online or e-commerce transactions conducted electronically through the internet. Travel Agents who do not initiate a BSP card transaction to pay for a Web sale will not be impacted by this new 3DS feature as it only applies to ecommerce transactions.


Provision of DISH 23.0 HOT Mockup File

In order to facilitate the DISH 23.0 implementation to ALL Agents that receive DISH 22.0 HOT files, Mockup DISH 23.0 HOT test files are available to ALL the Agents participating in ANY BSP at IATA

Download ZIP Files here:

Note: if you are not responsible for carrying out DISH 23.0 development/testing within your company, please forward this message to a relevant person within the Accounting or IT department of your company.

1. DISH 23.0 HOT Mockup File Scope

To ensure that ALL Agents could perform some test of their backend systems in advance, a DISH 23.0 HOT Mockup file has been created with the following rules and principles: 

  • Dummy Airline code has been used
  • Dummy Agent code has been used
  • Transactions are not using real values in some cases
  • From the functional point of view the information might be inconsistent in some cases

2. DISH 23.0 Go-Live date

We would like to kindly remind all Agents that the DISH 23.0 Implementation date for the pilot and non-pilot BSPs is scheduled for the Go Live dates that appear in the DISH 23.0 Project Implementation Plan BSP DISH Revision 23 Project (zip). As of this date, all GDSs will be reporting agent sales to BSP under DISH 23.0 RET format. The BSP outputs to the Agents will accordingly be provided in the DISH 23.0 format.

Please make sure that your systems are prepared to process DISH 23.0 files prior to the implementation date of Go Live. Kindly note that previous versions of DISH will no longer be supported after implementation of the DISH 23.0 in the pilot BSPs.

3. Additional information and queries

Additional information on the DISH 23.0 Implementation Project can be found on the IATA DISH site In particular, the following documents are available on this site: 

 If you have any questions related to the processing of the test files or the DISH 23.0 project in general, please do not hesitate to direct them to the DISH 23.0 Implementation Team at DISH