Representing member interests at the Canadian Travel Fraud Prevention Group meeting

ACTA represented member interests along with fellow stakeholders focused on fraud at the IATA offices in Montreal last week. Along with ACTA and IATA, members of the Canadian Travel Fraud Prevention Group (CTFPG) in attendance included airlines, CATO, ATOQ, RCMP, banks, retail/OTA, tour operators, online fraud prevention companies, and credit card companies work together to develop the tools necessary to protect the travel industry against fraud, including the implementation of technical solutions

The agenda at last week’s CTFPG meeting was very full, with presentations and discussions on some of the following topics:

  • DISH 23 - IATA Project Update including the status of the implementation of 3DS
  • VISA CVV2 Update – Visa Canada talked about the recent program changes that became effective mid-October but there are some exemptions for the travel industry. More on this to follow.
  • MasterCard Dispute Resolution updates 
  • Chargeback Management Guidelines – the latest Credit Card Chargeback Guidelines ADM Prevention was released in June 2018 and can be found on ACTA’s website in the Members Only Section.
  • Canadian Airline & Issuer Partnership – this update provided stats on the Fraudulent Activity Communication Tool or FACT – for more information on FACT, you can contact Perseuss at
  • Days of Action debrief from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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