Cannabis: important information for travellers from the Government of Canada

With the upcoming legalization of cannabis in Canada on October 17, 2018, Global Affairs Canada wants to make sure Canadians are aware that the legalization and regulation of cannabis in Canada will not change Canada’s international border rules. 

Taking cannabis or any product containing cannabis across Canada’s international borders, whether entering or leaving Canada, will remain illegal and can result in serious criminal penalties both in Canada and abroad. This will be the case even when travelling to or from places that have legalized or decriminalized cannabis. Bringing cannabis used for medical purposes across the border will also remain illegal.

When they enter Canada, travellers who do have cannabis or products containing cannabis with them must declare them to the Canada Border Services Agency. If they do not, they can face enforcement action, including arrest and prosecution. 

To minimize disruptions for travellers and travel agencies alike, it is encouraged that you:

Additional info: 

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