What would you do with the money you save on your insurance?

As an ACTA member, you are eligible for savings through ACTAProtect Insurance, administered by BrokerLink, one of Canada’s largest insurance brokerages. Our insurance packages are available to protect your business, cover you for errors and omission exposures, provide group benefits for employer groups of 3 or more, and for you and your family, great rates offered on home and auto insurance. We are also excited to announce that the insurance program has been expanded to include business insurance and a health, dental and disability plan tailored to independent consultants and their families. We would be happy to review your situation and make recommendations to ensure you have the proper coverage in place, and at an affordable rate!  Did you also know – ACTAProtect business insurance covers you for fraudulent credit card payments?* 

Contact Brokerlink at 1.888.286.2282.

*Certain conditions, exclusions and limits may apply