Fraud Alert

Travel Agents should be warned that there has been a fraudster active in the Vancouver area using the name John Cave (see ID he sometimes presents attached to this). His activities have already been reported to the Anti Fraud Centre but we wanted to share this with you so that you can reach out to colleagues in your circles and spread the word as well.

In addition, we want to give you the contact details for the person at the Anti Fraud Centre to whom you can report suspicious activities and/or check to see if a credit card number is legitimate, etc. as follows:

At the Centre Mikaela Tulloch runs a project that provides merchants a central contact point to report any card-not-present purchases that they suspect as fraud. So in the future if anyone receives requests from him, or anyone else, that is suspected to be fraud, please feel free to provide the information directly to her. Also if you have any other information/ attempts he has made with your industry colleagues, please provide Mikaela with that information so they can have it on file. As well as you will need to send more information regarding the fraudster such as an email address, a billing address, phone number or IP address.

Mikaela Tulloch
Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre
P.O. Box 686
North Bay, ON - P1B 8J8
Phone – (705) 494-8845
Fax – (888) 654-9426
Fraud: Recognize It… Reject It… Report It!