ACTA Regional Councils – Incoming and Outgoing Members for 2019-2020

ACTA is pleased to announce the individuals that have accepted to become an active and involved member on the councils within the respective regions. At the same time, ACTA extends sincere appreciation to those stepping down as council members and thank you for your commitment and dedication to the association and to the industry.

British Columbia and Yukon:

  • Linda Dinsmore CTC, Deluxe Travel/TPI 
  • Liz Fleming, North South Travel & Tours Ltd.
  • Shelley Good CTC, CruisePlus Management Ltd. 
  • Mark Greenwood, Travel Masters - NEW
  • Arlene Henderson CTC, Windward Travel/TPI 
  • Kyle Oram, KVI Travel 
  • Leta Repp, Dargal Interline Worldwide
  • Michael Scott-Iverson, Hagen’s Travel 
  • Darren Single CTM, Odenza Marketing Group Inc. 
  • Kimberley Wood, Transat Distribution Group 
  • Deidre Baxter, Forbes Travel (Appointment) 
  • Ravi Mehmi, Skylink (Appointment) - NEW

Outgoing BC/YK council members: 

  • James Shearer, formerly Travel Masters 

Alberta and Northwest Territories:        

  • Shelley Ewing CTC, Tier One Travel
  • Dave Heron, Pacesetter Travel
  • Peter Keyter, South Travel Inc. / The Travel Lady Agency
  • Jacob Kos, Uniglobe One Travel 
  • Terri Jo Lennox CTC, Travel Time
  • Jaime Murphy CTM, Magical Trips/TPI
  • Laurie Umscheid, Vulcan Vacations 
  • Carla Lemaire CTC, MacEwan University (Appointment)
  • Anthony Tonkinson (Appointment)


  • Barb Crowe CTC, Ixtapa Travel 
  • Candace Glenney, Travel Masters
  • Sharon Kaendo, Leisure Travel 2000 
  • Jamie Milton CTM, Uniglobe Carefree 
  • Karen Schabel CTC, CAA Saskatchewan

Manitoba and Nunavut:

  • Mary Jane Hiebert CTC, Canada One Travel 
  • Melanie Carter CTM, CAA Manitoba 
  • Cheryl Gilmore CTC, Bonaventure Travel - NEW
  • Trish Middleton CTC, Continental Travel
  • Karen Wiggett CTC, CAA Manitoba 
  • Carey Duncan CTC, Travel Quest
  • Corwin Kostenchuk, Ixtapa Travel (Manitoba)
  • Scott Marohn – Winnipeg Airports Authority (Appointment)


  • Rashmi Brahmbhatt, Crossways Travel Bureau 
  • Maria da Cunha CTC, daCunha Voyages Inc. 
  • Mike Foster CTC, Nexion Canada 
  • Monica Johnstone CTC, Uniglobe Travel Innovations 
  • Thanushka Nanayakkara CTM, NARAT International 
  • Norman Payne CTM, Uniglobe The Premiere Travel Group 
  • Rita Polegri, Transat Distribution Canada Inc. 
  • Patricia (Tisha) Saunders CTC, Marlin Travel (Orangeville)
  • Richard Vanderlubbe, 
  • Eugene Winer, I Love Travel 
  • Louise Gardiner CTM (Appointment) 
  • Jason Merrithew (Appointment)


  • Chantal Archambault CTC,  Voyages Florence 
  • Justin Bordeleau, Voyages Arc-en-Ciel - NEW
  • Véronique Catteau CTC, Carlson Wagonlit Travel 
  • Jose Manuel Cerrud CTC, Voyages Terra Natura Travel 
  • André Desmarais CTC, Aeroport Voyage 
  • Lyne Larivée, Voyages Vasco St-Lin Laurentides - NEW
  • Mélanie Quirion, Voyages Boislard Poirier - NEW
  • Isabelle St-Amand, espace voyages 
  • Éric Douay, D-Tour Marketing Inc. (Appointment)
  • Tony Santelli CTC, Collège April-Fortier (Appointment)

Outgoing QC council members: 

  • Angela Costa CTC, formerly Groupe Voyages Mondesa 
  • Marie-France Doucet, Voyages A. Doucet 
  • Johan Marjanek, Voyages En Direct


New Brunswick:

  • Erin Page-Foster, CWT Harvey’s Travel  

Newfoundland & Labrador:

  • Scott Stone CTC, Universal Travel 
  • Heidi Pound CTC, LeGrow’s Travel 

Nova Scotia:

  • Glenda Hunter CTM, CAA Travel 
  • Mel Stewart CTC, Maritime Travel 

Prince Edward Island:

  • Marilyn Long CTM, CAA Travel

Outgoing Atlantic council members: 

  • Barbara Lee-White CTC, formerly Maritime Travel