ACTA Protect by Brokerlink

Brokerlink Insurance are the proud administrators of the ACTA Protect program which offers complete insurance for ACTA members, including home and auto, business insurance, group benefits, and individual life and health products.

What Are the Advantages of the ACTA PROTECT Insurance Program?

  • Significant savings on all lines of insurance through group rates
  • Specialized insurance products tailored to the needs of travel agents
  • Personalized service through dedicated ACTA Client Managers
  • Prompt and satisfactory claims results through our in-house claims service
  • Convenient one-stop shopping for all your professional and personal insurance needs
  • A specialist on your side for advice, support, and insurance management

Comprehensive Business Insurance Package

Nothing can hurt an agency more than a serious Errors & Omissions claim. You may think that you’re not at fault but claims settlements are naming agencies! Protect yourself whether you are legally liable or not
Cyber Liability

Has your business considered Cyber Liability Insurance? Below you will find 10 reason why you may want to.  The reality today is no business is completely safe from the threat of cyber attacks.  With the ACTAPROTECT Cyber Liability Product (CLP), you know that while you cannot necessarily prevent an attack, you’re certainly covered in the event of one.  Favorable rates are available through the ACTA Protect program with limits available up to $10,000,000 with a range of deductibles available from as low as nil.
Home & Auto Insurance

Negotiated specifically for ACTA agencies, the home and auto program is an employee benefit with no cost to the agency yet can mean big savings for employees and their immediate families!

To get your Home Insurance quote, click here.

To get your Auto Insurance quote, click here.
Individual Life & Health

Could your business carry on without you, short or long term? Could your family? Protect your livelihood and your future.
Employee Group Benefits

A group benefits plan can attract and retain staff, reduce training, hiring, and re-training costs, reduce absenteeism, reduce stress, and, in some provinces, is tax deductible.

Now there are three options to provide your employees with benefits:

Classic Plan
Our most robust and comprehensive program, the plan offers an extensive range of services in an easy to administer format.

Introduction Plan
Both economical and wide ranging, the plan includes services such as dental and drug reimbursement, professional services (e.g. massage therapy), and vision allotment.

Select Plan
A flexible option at a budget you choose- the Select Plan is a Health Care Spending Account designed specially for your business

For full details visit our dedicated ACTA Protect website here

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