Karen Schabel, Saskatchewan Region

Karen Schabel’s career in the travel industry began in 1985 at CAA Saskatchewan where she was hired as a Receptionist and then became a Travel Consultant. In 1989, a new store was opened in Regina and Karen was promoted to Travel Manager for that location. Over the next 21 years, Karen worked in the frontline as a selling Manager and saw this location grow into a very successful store. After being a CTC for several years, Karen earned her CTM in 2012.

In 2010, Karen became the Travel Training Coordinator for CAA Saskatchewan where she’s currently employed. In 2011 Karen earned her Registered Professional Trainer designation (from the Canadian Professional Trainers Association). Her responsibilities include: training new travel consultants for the 12 Saskatchewan locations, organizing ongoing training between the frontline and CAA’s travel partners, assisting travel consultants in obtaining their CTC designation and facilitating travel insurance training for CAA’s newly licenced agents.