Glenda Hunter

Glenda started her career in the Travel Industry in 1978 working at Atlas Travel in The Lord Nelson Arcade. In 1982, she was working as the Assistant Manager for Maritime Travel on Barrington St. and then later promoted to the position of Manager of the Barrington Place branch, which grew into the largest of their vast network of over 70 branches (at the time).

In 2004, an opportunity arose as Key Account Manager with My Travel representing Sunquest, Holiday House, Alba Tours and Network. It was an interesting change for Glenda and gave her great insight on the wholesale side of the business.

In July of 2005 Glenda had the privilege to secure a 6 month contract with the Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency. Glenda was a Travel Coordinator working in Camp Julien in Kabul, Afghanistan assisting members of the Canadian Forces book their leave to either home or a 3rd location. From a personal point of view, this role was one of her most fulfilling and gave her the greatest sense of accomplishment she has had in her career.

Glenda returned to Halifax in December 2005 and after a few months sabbatical, was awarded the position of Travel Centre Manager at CAA in Halifax. Glenda now holds the position of Vice President, Retail and Service. CAA Atlantic has 8 branches and each of the mangers, the Regional Travel Manager and Groups Manager/Groups Coordinator all report into Glenda.

While this is a major responsibility, Glenda is committed to shaping the industry, giving her time to the ACTA regional advisory council and welcomes the opportunity to participate on the ACTA national Board of Directors.