Gary Gaudry, Atlantic Region

Gary Gaudry is the President of Maritime Travel, a Canadian leisure and corporate travel management company. Pre-COVID, Maritime Travel had 117 travel branches across Canada with over $360M in sales and 500 employees. A Chartered Accountant, Gary holds an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree from Lakehead University. Gary has been actively involved on the Travel Agency Leaders Advisory (TALA) Group and the TALA Finance Sub-Committee. His financial acumen has been beneficial to ACTA’s advocacy submissions to the Government for continued financial aid. Gary has previously sat on various travel-related Boards including the TICO, and Canadian Corporate Travel Association (CCTA), and currently is a member of the Young Presidents Association Board and the Radius Member Advisory Board. Given his close understanding of ACTA’s priorities these past two years, and knowing ACTA is undertaking a new 4-year Strategic Plan in June, Gary is interested in sharing his strategic prowess as a Member of the ACTA Board of Directors for 2022-2023.