Europa Travel | Edmonton, Alberta Testimonial

Our Travel Agent goes far beyond the miles required. She and her husband have been with us as we travelled on a Russian River Cruise and due to her insistence, after I had a "bite" of some kind, she was successful in calling for the ship's emergency doctor, getting meds and getting our cabin accommodation changed. On another trip to China, she left one part of the group (in other able hands, mind you) while she joined a client who urgently needed medication and who had left it back at the hotel. She had also taken my spouse and his brother on a long-awaited trip to Cambodia and Ho Chi Minh City… where my spouse became ill. She was right there on her cell phone and (without working Vietnamese) she got him steered to a clinic, where, unfortunately, he had to be admitted. Please understand that she had 30 other clients and had to travel on with them to Sam Riep (sp.) but not without making the arrangements for extending his hotel stay, reminding them to give receipts for everything and guiding him when he'd be discharged … also phoning me at home … and finally arranging for him to rejoin the group in Hong Kong. That took some fancy footwork!
My husband will NOT arrange any travel that is not done by her, or is guided/escorted by her and has the insurance package scanned by her. She is an utterly fantastic organized Travel Agent and a most remarkable human being! And her husband is of that same calibre too!

Elizabeth Stolee | Edmonton, AB