Europa Travel | Edmonton, Alberta Testimonial

Having a reliable Travel Agent is very helpful when planning a trip. She has helped me save hours of searching and planning and has kept my trip planning from becoming an exercise in frustration. Because my plans are often complicated, with several destinations, I appreciate her hard work on my behalf. I give her the details of where I want to go and when and leave it with her. In short order, an itinerary is ready for my approval. She manages to get excellent fares, good connections and everything goes very well. She doesn't forget details, nor does she overlook the slightest detail of our conversations. She is my first and only choice because she is trustworthy and works very hard. To date, I have not had to contact her while I'm travelling, but I have no doubt that if I needed her help, she would come to my rescue. After arriving home, we have a feedback session, to discuss the trip. It's a nice way to review the great memories. As long as I continue to travel, and as long as her services are available, she will continue to be my Travel Agent.

Flo Reduka | Edmonton, AB