Corporate Philanthropy

ACTA is proud to endorse the following causes and wish them great success. With your support we can help raise awareness and money for the cause and the people who pioneer them. ACTA’s Corporate philanthropy generally consists of cash donations raised through fundraising during our Corporate events across the country or in the form of  volunteer time offered by the ACTA's employees and members.

Mission: To preserve and enhance the travel experience for future generations. 

Tourism Cares, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, is the charitable arm of the travel and tourism industry.  Tourism Cares unites the industry in three initiatives where, in addition to individual company efforts, we can make a greater difference by working together.

ACTA is proud to be an Association Partner to Tourism Cares! ACTA invites our members to earn their GOOD TRAVELS ADVISOR certificate by completing the online course consisting  of 6 chapters complete with multimedia and videos from global leaders in travel such as the Secretary General of the UN World Tourism Organization.

Why become a Good Travel Advisor specialist? You will receive:

  • New knowledge for deepening client relationships — and attracting new ones
  • Tips and tools for you to use and to hand to clients
  • One year of continuing education and support
  • Tourism Cares promotion of advisors with consumers
  • 2 CTC continuing education units
  • Cost: $22 (USD) – ACTA Members receive a $5 (USD) discount – please enter  ‘ACTA’ promo code on your registration

Course Description: The course covers the basics of advising travelers on good giving and volunteering. Some of what you’ll learn includes how to help clients find their cause and give back to the places they love; tips for choosing a volunteer service trip; guidance on orphanage tourism; donating effectively after a disaster; and marketing tactics for engaging current clients and driving sales.

Click here to become a Good Travels Advisor today – it’s inspiring and good for business, good for destination communities and good for you!

Mission: To provide Canadians in financial need with free travel and accommodations for medical care far from home.

For many Canadians facing serious health issues, getting the care they need isn’t as easy as you’d expect. Vital medical appointments and treatments are often far from home. How do patients get there in a timely way? How do they afford the travel costs? These are things that those suffering from an illness shouldn’t have to worry about when they’re trying to focus on their health.

At Hope Air, we believe that all Canadians should have access to the healthcare they need, regardless of where you live or if you can’t afford to travel. Which is why we’re committed to easing the stress of getting there by providing families, from coast to coast, with free flights and accommodations.

Through a combination of purchased, discounted or donated travel arrangements, Hope Air relies on strong partnerships with the travel industry (airport authorities; airlines; accommodations partners and more) to ensure that we operate efficiently, and that we continue to support every eligible travel request we receive.

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