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October 11th 2023

Riverside Luxury Cruises

True Luxury Returns to the Rivers. Meet ACTA’s newest allied member – Riverside Luxury Cruises – in an exclusive presentation that will unveil the most opulent fleet, showcase stunning itineraries, and provide insights into their unparalleled service. Prepare to be inspired and equipped with the knowledge to elevate your clients' river cruise vacations with Riverside Luxury Cruises.

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October 12th 2023

Join the Wonderful World of Travel

Are you obsessed with crossing things off your travel bucket list and helping others cross things off theirs? Know anyone that wants to join the travel industry but isn't sure how to? Join us on October 12th at 1PM EST and learn how to turn your passion for travel into a career of infinite possibilities!

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October 26th 2023

Discovering Peru Mysteries: From Desert to Rainforest 

Discover the Peru mysteries beyond Machu Picchu. According to National Geographic, this country is nature's second most megadiverse land on the planet, and we will take you on a trip from the desert to the Rainforest: Ica, Arequipa and Iquitos. 

Webinar Highlights: 

  • Travel to the southwest desert region, embark on boat excursions to the Ballestas Islands, take a thrilling flight to observe the Nasca Lines, engage in sandboarding adventures, or learn how to surprise your clients with lavish desert picnics. 
  • Discover the White City surrounded by three volcanoes and enjoy R&R offered by thermal pools with mountain views.  
  • Prepare to explore the pristine and vast Amazon Forest, one of the 7 Wonders of Nature, and the adventures that offer luxurious cruises throughout its river.  

Whether you are new to Peru or a seasoned explorer, this session is your chance to stay updated and discuss why Peru offers unparalleled experiences for their clients. 

Participants will be eligible to win one of the prizes: airfares to Peru via Avianca or COPA or one of the Taste of Peru prize packs. 

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October 21st-28th 2023

2023 ACTA Avalon Waterways European River Cruise Summit

Throughout the seven-day ‘Romantic Rhine’ itinerary, ACTA members will have the chance to experience the Avalon difference and also get to enjoy this incredible itinerary through a choice of Classic, Discovery and Active excursions in all the destinations we visit. You will meet our sponsors and partake in onboard workshops and special events to ignite inspiration and business opportunities before disembarking. 

November 13-19

ACTA Immersive Destination Experience: Alentejo, Portugal

Through ACTA Immersive Destination Experiences our members will receive essential training and development to strengthen and grow their knowledge and skills.

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November 28, 2023

Discover the Secrets of the East Coast of the Dominican Republic and its surrounding treasures

Join ACTA and the Dominican Republic Tourism Office to receive an update on what is new in the this popular Canadian tourist destination, what your clients are saying about it and the contacts and resources that are available to you through the tourism office to help you sell the Dominican Republic more confidently.

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