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ACTA is an industry led, non-profit organization that advocates through one strong voice on behalf of members with governments, regulatory agencies, and travel suppliers in the best interests of the retail travel sector and consumers who benefit from the professional services provided by our Members.

The outcomes we are trying to achieve through our lobby initiatives, in particular our lobby campaign for changes to the Ontario Travel Industry Act and Ontario Travel Industry Compensation Fund, will help ACTA Member agencies save thousands and tens of thousands of dollars, annually. This major lobby initiative does not come without a cost to the Association. While membership dollars continue to fund Advocacy issues such as agency-airline matters through IATA, federal matters such as the Air Passenger Protection Regulations, and a number of other regulatory regimes for insurance or licensing, this particular initiative will require additional financial support from Ontario Travel Agencies. Soon, we may need to launch a similar campaign in Alberta with respect to the challenges independent travel agents face with selling travel health insurance and in Quebec, travel agencies are seeking relief from the long standing requirement of having to maintain a bond to adhere to provincial regulations. 

Your contribution is integral to securing the resources required to influence positive change in Regulatory reform for our industry at the Federal and Provincial levels.

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