Carlson Wagonlit Travel Sarnia | Sarnia, Ontario Testimonial

Our last two trips have been to Aisa. Working with our Travel Agent, itineraries were created that immersed us in amazing culture, history and off the beaten track experiences which has left us with many treasured memories. In addition, not only were our trips everything we hoped they would be, but also trouble/stress free. It wasn't until our trip this past April that we truly recognized the priceless service and value of our Travel Agent/agency. We were in Kathmandu, Nepal when the April 25th earthquake struck. Not only did we have the good fortune of not being hurt, but also getting a phone call out to our travel agency within hours of the earthquake. Our Travel Agent and her staff were waiting for our call. Within 2hrs we had confirmed flights back to Canada, not only for ourselves, but also for our two daughters who had not booked their trip through a Travel Agent, but on line. Our Travel Agent and her staff at Carlson Wagonlit Travel in Sarnia are truly outstanding professionals who genuinely care about their clients. For them it is not just about booking a trip, but ensuring that their clients are looked after before, during and after each trip. Our Travel Agent at Carlson Wagonlit Travel will be the first person I call when I think about going on a trip in the future!!!

Miriam Carmody | Brights Grove, ON